If you are a broker or other nominee who purchased MBI common stock directly in or traceable to the Secondary Offering for the beneficial interest of persons or entities other than yourself, and in connection with the previously disseminated notice concerning the MBI Settlement:

  1. You elected to forward the notice of the MBI Settlement to potential members of the earlier settlement classes, the Claims Administrator will forward copies of the Notice to you and you must, within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the Notice, mail it to such beneficial owners.
  2. You provided the Claims Administrator with the names and addresses of beneficial owners, you do not need to do anything more in connection with the Notice.

If you previously elected to forward notices to potential class members, you must send a statement to the Claims Administrator confirming that the mailing was made. If you chose the second option, the Claims Administrator will send a copy of the Notice to the beneficial owners. Upon full compliance with these directions, you may seek reimbursement of your reasonable expenses actually incurred by providing the Claims Administrator with proper documentation supporting the expenses for which reimbursement is sought. Copies of the Notice and the Claim Form may also be obtained here or by calling the Claims Administrator toll-free at 1-855-907-3227.

Expense Reimbursement:

You are entitled to reimbursement for your reasonable expenses actually incurred in complying with the foregoing, including reimbursement of reasonable postage expenses and reasonable costs of obtaining the names and addresses of beneficial owners, provided you timely submit an invoice to the Administrator. Please submit a copy of your invoice to the Administrator within one month of the completing the mailing or providing the list of names, addresses, and email addresses.

If you are filing electronic claims:

A nominee may also submit a Claim Form on behalf of multiple clients who are beneficial owners by using the links below.

Click here to download the Claim Form.

Click here to download a properly formatted spreadsheet for submitting your transactions.